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It's time for something different.

Portrait of Samir Bitar at a veteran's event


Safety & Housing

Safety and Housing are intertwined at the core of my campaign for City Council. As someone who has experienced the tragic consequences of public safety failures firsthand, I am deeply committed to enhancing safety on our streets and mass transit systems. My brother's tragic death at the hands of sheriff deputies and the necessity of escorting friends to their cars at night in DTLA have reinforced my belief in the fundamental right of every CD14 resident to safety. Simultaneously, I am heavily involved in reviewing new zoning codes that will redefine CD14's landscape. From day one, I plan to balance advocating for 100% inclusionary housing with the production spaces essential for artists and garment manufacturers. Our city's history with public housing has been fraught with challenges, and I believe we can do better in providing safe, desirable homes. Addressing the housing crisis also means confronting the issue of generational wealth. Homeownership is a critical path to financial security, yet it remains out of reach for many in LA. My mother's experience of repeated evictions as a single, battered, uneducated mother of four deeply influences my stance. I support innovative solutions like no-interest home loans to help BIPOC and other disenfranchised communities achieve homeownership in their desired neighborhoods.

Economic Revitalization

I recognize the central role of small businesses in LA's economy and I aim to level the playing field and remove barriers to entrepreneurship. LA's small businesses need a dynamic tax policy that addresses the high permitting and license fees that burden struggling small businesses. LA needs agile tax policies that respond to market shifts, ensuring our cherished 'mom & pop' establishments thrive. After all, when local businesses close, we face job losses, rising crime, and diminished neighborhood investments. Finally, we need to invest in our historic neighborhoods and infrastructure in a way that helps residents and the city. I'd start by leading the revitalization of the DTLA's Historic Broadway Theater District.


I am a staunch advocate for reforming LA's city charter to bolster accountability and enhance representation. A pivotal step in this direction is empowering our neighborhood councils. By mandating that City Council Members consult with their NCs, we can amplify the voices of a diverse base of Angelenos in the city's governance. Furthermore, introducing rank choice voting and promoting citizen-funded elections are reforms I firmly believe in. These changes can invigorate civic participation, inspiring more Angelenos to engage in the democratic process, ultimately paving the way for a more equitable Los Angeles.


CD14 deserves a City Council representative who champions high-wage, green economy jobs. This includes leading initiatives for onshoring jobs in battery design and manufacturing for eco-friendly vehicles. A critical focus is developing energy storage infrastructure to address the 30% of solar power lost without utility-scale battery storage facilities in LA. Additionally, expanding EV charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure is imperative. We need to shift to a proactive stance on the climate crisis. I propose creating a standing Climate Crisis committee on City Council to coordinate our efforts: Our Mobility Plan hasn't been updated since 2016, yet it's crucial for our evolving transportation needs. With the state's mandate to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles in 12 years, LA urgently needs to ramp up its EV infrastructure. The recent shift from gas to electric stoves requires a corresponding upgrade in our energy grid. Planning for such significant policies should have started years ago. Beyond green infrastructure, we must assertively expand green spaces in historically neglected neighborhoods. CD14 needs visionary leadership to unite people and businesses for funding and cooperation on projects like increasing electricity availability. My time as a councilmember will be about saying "Yes" to egalitarian innovation.

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