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The Green Party endorses Samir
for Los Angeles City Council, District 14
in March 5, 2024 elections.



CD14 and our entire City are at the cusp of a transformative era. From bus stops and businesses across the district, the message is clear: CD14 demands change! I am answering that call with the courage of a gay veteran, the resilience of a survivor, and an unwavering belief in LA’s potential.

I am not a politician nor a political insider. I am a civic arts leader, small business owner, and community organizer. I know how to transform ideas into tangible results. Born in LA, my personal connection to and pride in our city motivates me every day. I am running for CD14 to commit all my time, talents, and experience to help solve our most urgent challenges, from homelessness and safety to climate change and equity.

We’ve tried the same political insider thing in LA again and again with the same disappointing results. It’s time for SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

It's time for something different.


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