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It's time for something different.

Photo montage of Samir BItar at age 11, in the service and at a speaking engagement



Hi, I'm Samir, a proud Angeleno born in LA to a Lebanese immigrant. I am not a career politician. Instead, my life has been dedicated to advocating for equality and integrity through public service and the arts. My father's courageous journey as an immigrant and my mother's family's legacy of public service have deeply influenced me. From my great-grandmother, the trailblazing first woman to run for governor of New Mexico, to my grandfather and uncle who bravely served in Korea and Vietnam.

The traumas I faced as a child have instilled in me a resilience that now drives my advocacy for health, happiness, and equity for others. In 1995, I took to the streets with Act Up, advocating for vital public health policies during the AIDS crisis that decimated my gay community. After serving in the Army, I studied dance, which is how I realized the transformative power of creative disciplines in addressing societal challenges. This artistic discipline, combined with a focus on solutions, continues to be my guiding force. For nearly three decades, I've championed universal access to the arts and tirelessly promoted equality, dignity, and respect for us all, and committed myself to forging a healthier society. Now, I'm eager to bring this passion and experience to serve the vibrant and diverse communities of CD14.



My professional career has been defined by a dedication to cultural disciplines and innovative solutions. My work has spanned a range of issues, from raising awareness about the impacts of war on disadvantaged communities, inequities throughout the LGBTQ+ community, and diversifying audiences and visitors of our cultural institutions like the Smithsonian.

Through my DTLA-based small business, The Art of Consulting, I work with universities, museums, theaters, cultural cemeteries and other cultural organizations to expand access and broaden inclusion. My leadership style is characterized by courage, respect, and a collaborative spirit, all underpinned by a vision to achieve ambitious goals. In 2021, I was elected to the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, where I continue to advocate for safer street and public transportation, historic preservation, sensible city planning, support for the arts, and the allocation of resources to help survivors of assault at risk of experiencing homelessness.


I take great pride in being a vocal and engaged advocate for LA's small businesses and the broader inclusion of the arts in our community. Together, these elements not only reduce crime but also beautify our neighborhoods and weave a fabric of unity. They foster a spirit of tolerance and inclusion that resonates with the values of our city.

I hold a master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor's degree from the New College. While I never specifically planned to run for Los Angeles City Council, my life's journey has uniquely prepared me to serve the residents and businesses of Council District 14 with empathy, respect, and the tenacity.

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